Fish Brained

What the odds of this picture happening? You have to admit the timing is impeccable. How did we manage to catch one of the rarest creatures on Earth, Aquaticus Sapien, … Read More


Home with Phone

At least it looks like he had all his fun before the burglars showed up. Thanks a lot, cell phones! Wait a second, this wouldn’t change the plot at all. … Read More


Cheetos Bath with Red Hair Girl

I can think of at least one better use for Cheetos than this…eating them. I know how orange you fingers get after eating a few of these cheese flavored snacks, … Read More


Don’t Carry it With You

  If you want to pull that off, you really need to wear long baggy pants. I understand bladder problems, but please, for the rest of us.


Future 1950

  You have to admit that moving all the roads underground would make walking around town easier, but also make driving more depressing.