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Albino Zebra (White Zebra)

Animals, Featured — By on May 22, 2012 11:26 am


Zoe is a very rare creature, reported to be the only white zebra in captivity. She looks more like a gold zebra to me. Still, a beautiful animal to behold.

Her unusual color is due to her having “amelanosis”. She is not an albino. She has striking gold stripes and blue eyes. In horses, there is a similar condition called “Lethal White Foal Syndrome” which is associated with the occurrence of other serious birth defects. Although this color variation occasionally occurs in wild herds, the animals would likely survive only a few days at best. This is probably because zebras use their stripes as camouflage to blend in with the rest of herd. This then allows the herd, to confuse predators with the changing patterns formed by the movement of a large group. Animals that stand out from the herd are easy targets for predators. In nature, having a color variation that makes you stand out is not a good thing!


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