Bear Chair

Today’s modern furniture craftsmen could learn a thing or two from Seth Kinman. Kinman was a legendary grizzly trapper, musician, barkeep, hotel owner, furniture maker, and general Renaissance mountain man. As a mentor to Chuck Norris, he ate nails for breakfast without any milk and used rocks as toilet paper because bark was too soft. Oh, and here’s a chair he made out of freaking grizzly bears. As captioned, it was given to President Johnson in 1865; without a doubt the best gift he ever received. President Lincoln was also presented with a special chair made out of elk horns. Apparently no one told Kinman he could use wood to make furniture. The man himself is pictured below in all his rugged glory.

If you’re not impressed yet, check out the chair with its real special feature, a bear’s head popping out of the bottom. Read about his custom violin as well.

Some say you're not really a man until you make a chair out of two grizzly bears.

Santa if he dressed like an Indian... and carried a rifle.


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