Bizarre Online Purchases

Every now and then, you come across something on the internet that makes you smile, laugh, or simply scratch your head and go, “wha?”  Recently, we ran across this wildly fun infographic at the Fifth Gear fulfillment services website, and just felt like we had to share.  This infographic talks a little bit about online shopping and a whole lot about people with more money than sense…

Bizarre Online Purchases

A few things smack you in the face, and a few things make you wonder…would I buy that, if I had the money? For instance, $3.26 for The Meaning of Life (not the movie, mind you, but the actual meaning of life) seems pretty reasonable.  Sure, the author/creator/designer of this infographic puts that online purchase in the category of “most ridiculous,” but if you actually learned the meaning of life after paying that $3.26, how ridiculous would that be?  Not very, that’s how much.  There are websites that offer hints on figuring out the meaning of life, like one (now available in Spanish!) that gives you some advice on your “pre-meaning of life” journey, and then attempts to explain the meaning of life, telling you explicitly what joy there can be in uncertainty.  Thanks, guys.  Thanks for helping me try to figure out what MY life means to ME, but what about what LIFE means?

Another guy named Bill wrote a whole different website on how you will soon understand the meaning of life…if you buy his book.  It’s now available in Russian.  Thanks, Bill.  Most of his material is available on his website.  Maybe the meaning of life can be found by reading what other people tell you what the meaning of life is.  Or maybe you can buy it for $3.26.  And it’s straight up downloaded into your brain like the Matrix.

Also in the “Most Ridiculous” category is Justin Bieber’s hair.  I’m going to go ahead and have to agree on this one.  It is sort of ridiculous to buy someone’s hair on eBay.  How do you know it’s really theirs?  If it really is, what do you want with it?  The story goes that the Biebs gave a lock of his hair to Ellen, and Ellen put it up on eBay, and all the proceeds will go to charity.  But somebody still spent $40,688 on a lock of Bieber’s hair.  You KNOW a teenybopper doesn’t have that kind of scratch, so what creepy Bieber Stalker bought that?

The only other thing I’ll say about this is, Play-Doh cologne?  Are you serious?  All that would accomplish is making the entire second grade hungry.  What?  Didn’t your second grade class get the Play-Doh taken away because they kept eating it?  No?  Nevermind…

Oh yeah.  And moon real estate.  Honestly.  I think they’ve sold every square inch of the moon about a hundred times over, haven’t they?  At least it’s cheaper than naming a star.  The funniest thing about buying real estate on the moon to me is the website’s tagline.  “Nothing Could Be Greater Than to Own Your Own Crater!”  I can think of about a million things that could be greater.  Knowing the meaning of life would be one of them.

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