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Future 1950

  You have to admit that moving all the roads underground would make walking around town easier, but also make driving more depressing.

mario via maneggs

Maneggs Mario Nightmare

What is wrong with me that I find this so amusing?  This artist, maneggs, does some really disturbing but funny stuff.  I’d like to say I understand it all, but … Read More


Browser Wars

While I think Firefox is getting a bad deal in this picture, I love, love, love the fact that IE is over in the corner eating glue.  And he has … Read More


WTF Sculpture

Is it me, or is today all about the fart jokes?  What will that make tomorrow?  Can I get away with…never mind.  Let’s assume, for assuming’s sake, that the clouds … Read More


Lego Animation – Shootout

Lego Animation – Shootout When you’ve got the talent for something like this, you are impervious to the “you have too much time on your hands” scorn. You HAVE to … Read More