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If you start with the assumption that there is one “correct” way to design an effective brochure, then you may be ignoring too many options that might actually work. If you approach the creation of a highly effective poster the way an artist creates a painting, then the important thing is to take from your design “palette” those elements which enhance your project, and leave off those that don’t. The best posters accomplish the following:

1)    Great posters arrest – not just grab, but arrest – the attention of the passerby.

Since posters are primarily a visual medium, the strongest element on a poster is usually an image, or a juxtaposition of images. If your design is based on a central image, then high-quality four color printing is almost always the standard. But getting back to the first point – that there is no one “correct” way – sometimes a black on white color scheme is very effective.

2)    Great posters make a confirming statement or a disturbing statement.

Your message has to interact with the image, either to explain something or to make the viewer stop and things of differently. Highly successful posters force the reader to walk away thinking, ‘I never considered that before.’

If you can achieve that somewhat difficult feat, then you are halfway finished with the next key element:

3)    Great posters have a call to action.

If your poster doesn’t get people to act, then it is by definition ineffective. Your poster has to feature the name of your organization, as well as some type of “direction” – either a map or a street address. But not just that: web addresses and QR (quick response) codes can be added to any poster so that the passerby can access your site or scan in the code. This means that the passerby can act on her initial positive response to your poster.

We at Conquest Graphic can help you with every aspect of your poster project. We can advise on the best weight of paper, the best use of color, and we can also give you ideas on how best to package your posters so that they can be distributed without damaging them. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade gives you a reason or an excuse not to wash your car…you are preparing the canvas for your masterpiece!