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Rolling Through the Bay

Scott Weaver spent the last 35 years making this kinetic sculpture of San Francisco made entirely of toothpicks. The structure actually moves the ping pong balls you see at the … Read More


Underwater Suite

You certainly can’t ask for a better view than this. I don’t have much information on where this room is or how to get there because I found it on … Read More


Peep Power

This is what happens when you put a Peep in a vacuum. He was looking pretty mighty and full of himself with what looks to be a 250% increase in … Read More


This Idea Nails It!

Use packing peanuts to hold a nail, and keep your fingers out of the way…. just pulls right off when you’re done. Other useful and free tips for making your … Read More


More Outdoor Videos >> Todd Bo decided to stick cameras in various locales to videotape hours of nothing. At least, that’s what you would think sitting there with the camera, … Read More