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We all know that obesity is expanding (pardon the pun) around the developed world. In Australia alone, 24% of children aged 18 and under are classed as overweight. It’s all well and good wanting our kids to get more active, but most children aren’t happy just doing star jumps or running in place on its own – they need something fun to do that will leave them feeling like exercise is actually a lot of fun! One of fun toy that entertain children (especially girls) whilst getting them moving at the same time is the Rebelle pink crush.


Three Fun Activities enhanced by Rebelle Pink Crush Toys

The Australian Government guidelines for play gives a comprehensive list of exercise activities for children based on age range. Let’s look at how a few of the activities could be enhanced by using toys like the Rebelle cross bow or gun within the 3-5 year age range.

1. A hopping game where the children have to try and hop from one mat or carpet square to the next is mentioned. Imagine how much more fun, giggling and squeals of delight there would be if children tried to “nerf” the hopping child with a dart at the same time? Points for trying!

2. Another fun activity mentioned is the obstacle course. Both indoor and outdoor options are given for set-up and play – such as using a balance beam and hoops, or zigzagging around trees. But just imagine the thrill for the child if a course included the element of seeking each other out with the nerf toys? For example, as a child jumps through the hoops, they also have to avoid getting hit by a dart! This would also be a great opportunity for children to improve their dodging, bending and reaction time skills.

3. The galloping game mentions placing children around a circle of markers and teaching them to gallop around them. Once they have mastered this, why not add to the hilarity by adding a child in the middle with a Nerf toy ready to tag the galloping child? Or, the galloping child could try and hit the child in the middle whilst moving around at the same time!

The key to all of these ideas is using fun toys that entertain children as a form of exercise. Keeping fit should be fun, and when toys and games of all kinds are used, children quickly forget they are actually doing something that’s also very good for them – and they want to keep on doing it!