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All is not as it seems in this animated gif of a juggler. “Stick” around for a few seconds to see the shocking reveal as a juggling man become something less.

After seeing this do you want to learn how to juggle? Yeah, me neither. But for the .02% that feels juggling is a serious career choice (but you probably need more than one arm), look to start your juggling career here:

This site provides an easy-to-follow method for learning how to juggle. Some people are natural juggles and will find they can juggle within a couple of hours of practice. Others might need a little more time (between 2 days to 2 months), but practice and persistence is the key to becoming a good juggler. Once you learn the skill of juggling, you will never forget it (like riding a bike).

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Is it me, or is today all about the fart jokes?  What will that make tomorrow?  Can I get away with…never mind.  Let’s assume, for assuming’s sake, that the clouds coming from the bull-like bull’s posterior is the customary cloud of dust stirred up by someone or something running at you very fast, and that the fact that the bull bull has pinned the bull man to the wall by his buttocks is the artist’s way of not getting to gory (get it?  gore-y?) with the blood and everything.  That second part might be right, but the first part?  Not so lucky.

bull pt 2

VIA:  Artnet – Chen Wenling