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The Colors of Life

  Now we know why it’s so hard for couples pick out paint colors. And why men think there are only two emotions.

Wrong Ball, Coach

This is so deliciously devious, I wouldn’t even be mad if I was on the team that got hoodwinked. I would just be jealous we hadn’t thought of it first.

surprised gerbil

Surprised Gerbil

VIA UberHumor Is this a gerbil?  Or a hamster?  What’s the difference?  Regardless of what it is, it sure is surprised.  Either that, or it’s shocked.  Shocked and surprised aren’t … Read More

el willy

El Willy The Dancing Dog

Via Juliette Lewis’s Facebook page and ajalaketedoi1’s YouTube, we present El Willy: First off, is it possible that this little guy stayed on his hind legs the whole time voluntarily? … Read More