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Goats are Rule-Breakers

Also, goats can’t read.  They do, however, have a rich mythological history dating back to Norse mythology, where they were responsible for pulling Thor’s chariot.  Thor’s goats have a special … Read More

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Office Organization

Binder clips cost about $13 bucks for 48 of the big 2″ ones.  I’m not going to do a ripoff of Master Card’s Binder Clips:  $13 bucks, Having Your Cords … Read More

sneak attack

Sneak Attack

From  I wish this was a bigger gif.  The gif giffeth, the gif taketh away.  Unfortunately, the Gif Mecca that is gifbin does not speak to the context of … Read More

surprised gerbil

Surprised Gerbil

VIA UberHumor Is this a gerbil?  Or a hamster?  What’s the difference?  Regardless of what it is, it sure is surprised.  Either that, or it’s shocked.  Shocked and surprised aren’t … Read More