Dogs & Hammocks Don’t Mesh


One dog isn’t doing it right and the other dog knows it, but can’t do anything about it. The stress of having 4 legs and a hammock with netting that is just too big, is apparently too much for this small dog as he slinks away in confusion. The dog trapped by the hammock seems to have accepted his fate, waiting for his master to save him. “The Horrors of the Hammock” will never leave his mind even during the dog days of summer!

LOL, thankfully us humans aren’t this stupid to be so easy trapped and stuck in, wait…what?

thief is stuck

Okay, this thief is stuck, but thieves are usually idiots, most people know the hazards to avoid so they don’t get…oh, crap.


It appears even the handicapped aren’t spared from unintentionally being caught unawares. Oh well, let’s got back to a picture of an animal being stuck. It makes me feel superior. ;-)

Cat in a Bottle

Ah, that’ better. Cats is so darn stupid. Hyuck!

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