Experimental Womens Shoes – Bizarre High Heels

Ah fashion.  Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s not.  And sometimes, it completely blows your mind.  How much thought have you given to shoe design?  Sure, there are times you go out to find a pair of shoes to buy and think, “They’re just not making my kind of shoes this year.”  In a year of pointy toes, you want round toe.  In a year of stilettos, you want kitten heels.  And so it goes.  What would it be like, however, to think, “Darn.  It’s a year of bird shoes and I wanted shoes that make my toes come into contact with the dirty, cold ground?”  Behold some of the fantastic footwear fantasies that have become or are becoming a reality.  Some images are borrowed with respect from virtualshoemuseum.com – a great resource for shoes of all kinds.

Renu Renu

The following shoes come from a line called Renu Renu – designed by Dunja Seselja.  All the shoes in the Renu Renu line are made with cruelty free materials.  renurenu.deviantart.com.Owl Boot Dunja



This is the Owl Boot.  Cute, eh?

Braided Shoe I Dunja

Braided Shoe I.  Not sure where you’d wear this, but I figure you’d find a way.

Braided Shoe II.  For when Braided Shoe I doesn’t match your outfit.

Owl Shoe Boot Dunja

The Owl Shoe Boot.  For when it’s too warm outside to wear the Owl Boot.

Cat Boot Dunja

The Cat Boot.  Meow!

Helmet Shoe DunjaThe Helmet Shoe.  I don’t know what to say.

Annajet Kosters

Annajet Kosters supposedly “designs experimental shoes that combine design, quality, and funtion,” though you’ll have to tell me if you think these designs are functional or not.  I sort of think the point of shoes is to keep your bare feet from touching the floor.  Is that just totally old-fashioned of me?

Her website doesn’t appear to be working.

Billy Shoe AnnajetHave you ever seen that movie The Cell?  Yeah, me too.  This style is called “The Billy.”  Supposedly because you look like a billy goat, but I think you look more like a glutton for punishment.

Clap Shoe AnnajetThis style is called “The Clapper.”  I wonder if the shoes make noise, or if people clap for you because your shoes are so weird.

Golden Heel Annajet

This style is called the Golden Heel.  I cannot, for the life of me, think of a practical application for these shoes, other than being absolutely perfect if you must wear heels while getting a pedicure.

Marriage Shoes Anajette

No word on whether or not these shoes have a front, but they sure have a heck of a back.  The style is called Marriage Shoes, and if you want to get married whilst dragging a few yards of gold lame fabric on the backs of your shoes, they are PERFECT!   If you’re at all accident prone, I would skip them.


Isabell Buenz Paper Shoes

Isabell Buenz is a writer and photographer who is committed to honoring Scotland’s harbors in her work.  She also creates paper art, like these shoes.  Made for a pixie than a person, these are paper sculptures, not wearable shoes like the others. For her other work, see her website at www.isabellbuenz.co.uk.




Marieka Ratsma

Marieka Ratsma studies fashion design at the utrecht School of Arts.  Her website is fascinating, but these shoes look really uncomfortable.

porcelian shoe


Lisa Dillon

Lisa Dillon, a fashion student at Bath Spa University, designed these shoes, made out of cheese and bread, for a competition sponsored by Pilgrim’s Choice.  Why, you may ask, would a fashion designer create shoes such as these?  And way, you may further ponder, would they be condendors to win a contest?  What manner of contest must it be?

The contest is part of the Royal Bath and West Show.  Bath’s main agricultural endeavor is dairy, so Pilgrim’s Choice sponsored this “cheese couture” campaign to encourage artists to get creative with dairy.

Dillon’s shoes are made mainly from West Country Cheddar, but include a lot of other types of cheese that she melted and shaped herself.  The platforms are made from stale bread.  Fresh would be too squishy, I suppose.

cheese shoes

putting on the cheese shoes

Kobi Levi

This guy is my favorite.  I’d probably wear most of his shoes.  I hope they get out of his workshop and onto my feet.

The following shoes are created by Kobi Levi – a truly visionary footware designer.  He went to Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, and then went to work as a freelance designer.  He gets his designs from regular objects, pop icons, birds, the human body, and many other places.  He creates wearable sculpture.  On your foot, these shoes are functional yet fabulous, and make a statement – a wearable art kind of statement.  Off your foot, they are stand-alone sculptures.

Kobi Levi makes these shoes by hand.  Once he has an idea, he works to make the design technically functional, without destroying his original vision for the piece.  He is all about art…for your feet or not for your feet.  He just wants to make shoes.


Aluminum APerfect for the next business meeting – The Aluminum A.

Aluminum BFor a business casual day – or for Denim Friday – The Aluminum B.

At the next ComicCon, if you are going as the Endless character Desire, you should try to get your hands on these – The Androgyne.


BananaRather than stepping ON a banana peel, step into one.

Blond ambitionDon’t just stand there, let’s get to it.  Strike a pose.  There’s nothing to it.


Shoes that would make your grandmother blush.

Chewing gum
The Chewing Gum shoe.  Called so because it looks, well, like you’ve stepped in chewing gum.  But in a really chic, sophisticated way.


Woman’s best friend?  Shoe’s best friend?  If you’ve been wearing them too long, will your “dogs be barking?”  Inquiring minds want to know.

Double boots

For when you don’t know if you’re coming or going – The Double Boot.


These are, simply put, Quacktastic.  I would totally wear these shoes, called Duck Shoes.  Beautiful!

Market trolley

The only thing that would make the Market Trolley shoe any cooler is if those wheels actually touched the ground.  Whee!

MiaoWhich do you like better?  These Miao shoes, or the Cat Shoes above?  These have a little bell, so they get my vote.

Olive OylThe Olive Oyl.  Very creative.

Rocking chair

I don’t really get how these work.  They’re called the Rocking Chair, and I guess your toes go…nope.  I don’t get how these work.  I mean, I see where your feet go in and everything, but I don’t see how they would be comfortable at all.

SlideThese, on the other hand, I get.  The Slide shoes are functional, and super useful if you’re training mice.

SlingShotThe Sling Shot.

Sport elegantSport Elegant.  How do they work?  Wouldn’t you tip over?


The Swan.  If you thought the Duck shoes above were ugly, perhaps these are more up your alley.  Shoes that look like swans.


The Tongue.  Talk about putting your foot in your mouth.


The Toucan.  Who can?  You can!  I totally want these shoes.

TulipThe Tulip.  Not sure I get it, but I’d love to try these shoes on.  Maybe they’d be more comfortable than standard high heels.

TwogetherTwogether.  Serious cuteness.  Want.


These are called the XXX.  I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why.  Because they’re nude colored?  Is it a clever play on words because they are flesh-toned shoes?  Must be.  Those wacky shoe designers!


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  1. asdf says:

    “These are called the XXX. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why.”

    Seems pretty clear why its named so to me.. lol

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  3. …weird and bizarre especially the xxx,clever designs though

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