Harry Potter vs. Hormones

You may have seen a funny Harry Potter comic on our sister site, Digital Bus Stop.  They posted about this awesome artist we know named Steven Warrick, who makes art that makes us happy.  In fact, we told you that just this week in our post about his barnyard aquarium.  Well, Steven’s brain doesn’t stop, so we submit to you an even funnier Harry Potter comic.

Ain’t it the truth?  Readers of the Harry Potter series know that J.K. Rowling started out with an 11-year-old character, so of COURSE that character goes through puberty in the course of the 7-book series.  I mean, Harry gets a crush on Cho Chang, he ends up with…wait a minute.  You might not have read the books.  You might be waiting for the movies to find out what happens.  Well, you at least know that in the last movie Harry kisses Ginny Weasely.  They’re PG-13 rated movies, for Pete’s sake.