1. Chris said:

    Great post, too bad my browser kept getting stuck on the pictures at work when people would walk by…
    Realizing there will always be countless opinions on this topic, I’d like to add 2 more all time classics that have stood the test of time…Charlize Theron & Michelle Pfeiffer.
    Oh, and Daryl Hannah is kinda busted these days…even without the eye patch in Kill Bill.

    November 17, 2010
    • Jill said:

      Charlize Theron is a must!!!!

      August 10, 2012
  2. said:

    …. yep, I’ll agree !!

    November 18, 2010
  3. TheDarkOne said:

    What about megan fox?

    January 26, 2011
  4. Tarun said:

    where is jessica alba?

    January 29, 2011
  5. San said:

    Where´s Monica Bellucci, Claudia Cardinale and Sophia Loren? the beautiful italian bombshells across the times?

    January 29, 2011
  6. iva said:

    I would definitely include Ava Gardner, Monica Bellucci and Cindy Crawford…

    September 8, 2011
  7. John said:

    You forgot Lil Kim.

    January 29, 2012
    • Jill said:


      August 10, 2012
  8. mook said:

    …Ere Debbie Harry lead singer with Blondie was one of the biggest sex symbols of 70s/80s And was the most photographed woman in the world in 1980.

    April 9, 2012
  9. mioj said:

    where is greta garbo???

    April 30, 2012
  10. Druid said:

    What about Milica Natasa Jovovic ?

    May 28, 2012
  11. claudia said:

    what about monica bellucci?

    June 26, 2012
    • Jill said:

      she is gorg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      August 10, 2012
  12. Jeri said:

    Jenny McCarthy
    Carmen Electra
    Alicia Silverstone
    Jessica Simpson
    Britney Spears
    Brittany Murphy
    Eva Mendes
    Jennifer Lopez
    Christina Applegate
    Jessica Biel
    Cameron Diaz
    What is wrong with you? How can these women be excluded?

    September 30, 2012
    • Jeri said:

      Katy Perry
      Lindsay Lohan
      Gwen Stafani
      Milla Jovovich
      Cheryl Ladd
      Hether Locklear
      Heather Thomas
      Kathleen Turner
      Kim Bassinger
      Alyssa Milano
      Drew Barrymore
      Tawny Kitean
      Jaclyn Smith
      Olivia Newton John
      Toni Braxton
      Janet Jackson
      Phoebe Cates
      Samantha Fox
      Gabrielle Union
      Jennifer Aniston
      Emma Stone
      and one for the ages what about Mae West

      September 30, 2012
      • Alex said:

        lol, silly boys. you’re adding you you like.who the media brainwashes you to say is hot, not who is a SEX SYMBOL.

        also, Gisele Bundchen? Audrey Hepburn? Brooke Shields?? where are they?!

        and please, to the author- TAKE SCARLETT OFF. not curvy, not sexy, not cute at all.

        October 5, 2012
  13. Jami said:

    What about Joan Crawford in the 20’s 30’s or 40’s and Bette Davis

    October 12, 2012
  14. GG said:

    I miss:

    Gina Gershon and Sofia Vergara!

    January 3, 2013
  15. JasmineSun said:

    Sophia Loren deserves to be on this list. She’s hotter than most of them put together and she’s still hot at like 70! Also for current sex symbols, how could you leave out Britney Spears?! Minus the past couple years she has dominated the sex symbol market since she was just a teenager. Megan Fox and Rihanna are also in there too.

    March 20, 2013
  16. JP Marat said:

    There is NO way in hell Christina Hendricks’bust is under 43″. I’ve dated 40″ women, and she has a way bigger bust than them.

    April 10, 2013

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