Mobile Gaming: A Growing Industry

As a kid, did you ever try to explain video games to your grandmother, only to have her sneer and walk away? Did you ever think you’d see the day when she was playing video games? Maybe your mom played Pac Man as a child or even played Snake on her cell phone a few years ago.

But today all she can think about at work is tending her virtual farm. A rise in social games and simple (or not-so-simple) puzzle games has created a renaissance in the gaming market, and the demographics of its customers has vastly grown. Mobile games have become popular mostly due to their ability to be played in short spurts.

At the dentist office and have to wait for 10 minutes? No problem – that’s enough time for a few levels of Cut the Rope. Anyone who has a tablet, mobile phone or any other computer device is now at risk of becoming a gamer.

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