Satan and Priests and Excorcisms, Oh My!

Beasts of Satan

How ironic is it that as of 2005, the country with the highest rise in Satanic conversions and occult practices would be Italy – home of The Vatican?  There, in the very epicenter of Catholicism, Italian teenagers started following Satanic and occult religions.  Take the example of the Milan-based band The Beasts of Satan, who murdered three people and inspired The Vatican to start some month and two-month programs teaching priests about exorcism and possession.

That quite reminds us of the new film The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins.  In the film, priests take classes in exorcism and have to perform the complicated rituals in some harrowing and chilling situations.  We’re looking forward to it.

4 Responses to Satan and Priests and Excorcisms, Oh My!

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  2. ELBSeattle says:

    You can not post something as a ‘fact’ without citing a source.


    • admin says:

      Who said it was “fact,” ELB? Sheesh. Lighten up. Plus, I did get the information from news sources, so that has to count for something. A bibliography would have messed with the feel of the post.

  3. Interesting post. I just have to say that some bloggers wouldn’t make things up. They usually don’t cite sources. They basically write what they’ve read in their own way and convey it to the writers. Anyway, it’s definitely ironic that Italy will have a rise in satanic and occult beliefs.