Star Wars Snowflake Designs

Got some time on your hands and some scissors? Are you a Star Wars Fan-atic? Well, put that time and talent to good and practical use by creating your own Star Wars Snowflakes from paper cuts.

Scroll to the bottom to see where you can download patterns for all of these Star Wars snowflake patterns. Don’t wait for a disappointing snow where none of the snowflakes resemble George Lucas creations – Make your own snowflakes in the shape of your beloved Star Wars characters such as…

Darth Vader Snowflake Pattern

Storm Trooper Snowflake Pattern

Star Wars Clone Snowflake Pattern

Boba Fett Snowflake Pattern


Yoda Snowflake Pattern


Scout Trooper Snowflake Pattern

scout trooper snowflake design

C3PO Snowflake Pattern

C3PO  snowflake design

Ahsoka Snowflake Pattern

Ahsoka snowflask design

You can find these Star Wars snowflake design patterns at Matters of Grey and Anthony Herrera Design. Let the Force of the Scissors be with you…and don’t run with them.

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