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Fish Brained

What the odds of this picture happening? You have to admit the timing is impeccable. How did we manage to catch one of the rarest creatures on Earth, Aquaticus Sapien, … Read More

Way to Burst My Bubble

First off, how amazing is this photo? At first I thought it would be fun to find the origin of the phrase “burst my bubble” but it’s not readily available … Read More

Cottingley Fairies

Top Ten Famous Hoaxes in History

One of the hallmarks of being human is the desire—and some may say the need—to try and fool ourselves and each other. We’ve even set aside a special day—April 1st—to … Read More

Bizarre Headlines in the News

Trolling through the news, some gems that might amuse… Our Sofa Seats the Whole Mob and It’s 100% Italian Leather Too! This was an advertizing mistake for a furniture store … Read More