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mario via maneggs

Maneggs Mario Nightmare

What is wrong with me that I find this so amusing?  This artist, maneggs, does some really disturbing but funny stuff.  I’d like to say I understand it all, but … Read More

Tragedy Strikes

VIA:  UniqueDaily It was a normal day on the piece of paper.  Ted and Joe were walking along, talking about how nice the temperature was on the piece of paper, … Read More


Unexplainable Gif

This is my favorite thing today. I would be lying if I said, “Why no, I could not spend an entire day an a half looking at animated gifs.”  They … Read More

pot bears

Funny Canadian Russian News Report

In 2010, this little video went viral.  Read the subtitles if you don’t speak Russian. VIA:philinvancouver Because we couldn’t show you this hilarious video without telling you what happened to … Read More