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Box Head

Inspired by the common cheat code for video games in which the characters all have oversized heads, computer whiz Eric Testroete created a large copy of his own head for … Read More

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Best Hat For Kids

    Also doubles as a Halloween costume if your kid wants to be Billy Mays, Al from Home Improvement, Zach Galifianakis, Zac Brown, or Justin Theroux nowadays. Comes in … Read More

Cottingley Fairies

Top Ten Famous Hoaxes in History

One of the hallmarks of being human is the desire—and some may say the need—to try and fool ourselves and each other. We’ve even set aside a special day—April 1st—to … Read More

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The Truth About Zombies

What can you say about zombies that hasn’t been said already?  There are zombie comics, zombie movies, books about zombies, books that used to be classic pieces of literature that … Read More


A Halloween History

Halloween is the favorite holiday of scores of people.  We love to dress up, hand out candy, and watch scary movies.  How did these traditions get started?  What is Halloween … Read More