1. al said:

    Basically none of these are flashmobs, douchenozzle. They’re advertisements. It doesn’t count if some obnoxious executive pays people to be there

    February 5, 2011
    • admin said:

      lol. you called me douchenozzle! send me links to some “real” flashmobs and I’ll print a retraction, you lovely, wonderful guy, you!

      February 9, 2011
      • Illithiel said:


        All of these are technically considered a flash mob- a a large group of people doing something in unison then going on their way. Even though these are meant to be pranks, they still qualify. Starting at 1:09 is more of one in my opinion.

        April 9, 2011
  2. sam said:

    yeah al just relax. i really enjoyed all of these links, if nothing else the spectators in every one of these videos got a rare chance to enjoy some incredibly talented (or at least enthusiastic) musicians and dancers outside of any usual performance venue. youre telling me that if you were walking down the street and people spontaneously began to sing and dance in unison that you would be upset over the fact that operation was being financed by a corporation rather than just enjoying the performance. and honestly one would think a socialist douchenozzle like yourself would be pleased to learn that ‘obnoxious executives’ are making such a kind-hearted and honest investment in the common person and in the performing arts instead of greedily hoarding said wealth from cynical, unsuccessful critics like you.

    anyway, great link admin. and al, if you dont like it and think youre better than this, go fuck yourself.

    February 10, 2011
  3. hmmm said:

    Al, whilst a douche, is also right. These aren’t flashmobs and while kinda cool, if you;re gonna post a best of list then you should really include some examples of what you’re talking about. If you want to see a real flashmob then how about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RONM_WhAp9Q which I know is real as I took part.

    One thing a lot of these have in common which means that you know it is fake is when the music is coming through the store/shop/wherevers speakers. If you’ve gotten permission in advance and keyed up your music then it aint a flashmob anymore.

    March 25, 2011
    • admin said:

      Hmmm – thanks for your comment. I’m curious – if the videos featured in the post aren’t technically flash mobs, what would have been a better term to use? I’m hear to learn! Thanks for the link to your flash mob. It looked like a lot of fun! – lizaio

      March 28, 2011
    • Kels said:

      How is that not EXACTLY the same thing as the NYC Grand Central Station freeze?

      April 11, 2011
  4. Krista said:

    Here’s a great example of a real flashmob. And a much more moving example of humanity than a planned one.


    One man starts dancing at a festival, and soon.. well.. it’s everyone.

    March 25, 2011
  5. Cheese said:

    Well, I DO think that the first one, the ImprovEverywhere one, is a flash mob. I’ve actually participated in that, and I can well assure you, only the people participating in it and the people who go on their website know what happened.

    March 26, 2011
  6. ddb said:

    Loved it. Thanks for making me smile

    March 28, 2011
  7. Ed said:

    I think this is a great example of a flashmob. While it may not be a true flashmob, this is still a great example of people amazing people inconspicuously. Please check out the Knight’s Foundation’s “Random Acts of Culture”. What they do is something that should catch on more across the world today. We are losing touch with the arts, imho.

    March 31, 2011
  8. steve said:


    May 27, 2011
    • said:


      June 14, 2011
  9. LM said:

    SO Great!! This makes me smile =)

    June 5, 2011
  10. Kay said:

    Pretty sure that none of these are Flashmobs. Way to fail!

    June 18, 2011
    • Brad said:

      Define flash mob for me then.

      June 23, 2011
  11. papi said:

    Well lets see as many have said these are not flash mobs others have asked for definition and yet those who are claiming that these dont qualify for a flash mod have yet to define for them is it because you really dont know what a flash mob is and you just get your enjoyment out of being a total prick? dont send a frigin link ok just becaus e you want to get others to view your crap and not this either define it as asked or shut the fuck up. some people just cant go on a be polite when correcting it could have been handled much better the videos were entertaining thats all that matters and it seemed that the onlookers were enjoying it that is all that matters.

    June 30, 2011
    • Sammy said:

      I completely agree with you!

      July 13, 2012
  12. Phob said:

    From what I actually know about flash mobs, I think a good definition would be “A group of people who dance in unison in a public place for entertainment”. If its an advertisement one I would call it a cash mob, because they get paid for it, which isn’t such a bad thing.

    July 9, 2011
  13. Jim said:

    Is the guy who says “That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” Pam’s New York friend from The Office? I’m 90% certain it is.

    July 11, 2011
  14. Mike said:

    Correcting the original post here for accuracy:

    “A flash mob is (aside from being the MOST RETARDED thing ever, probably) when a group of people show up in a public place and do something DUMB for a bit, and then disperse.”

    August 19, 2011
  15. Slash51 said:

    This is a form of art. Like every art some people will like it and some will not. As the craft matures the art will improve. The spectators will look for originality.

    September 27, 2011
  16. ben toman said:

    Flash mobs are pretentious and stupid.

    October 9, 2011

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