The Top 5 UK And European Music Festivals To Attend In Your Lifetime

It is festival season again but with so many to choose from it can be difficult to know which ones to pack your wellies for. Here is our run down of the top 5 music festivals you should make sure you attend in your lifetime.


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This is arguably the mother of all music festivals and the one which brings the most celebs and big names out from the woodwork. Started in 1970 by farmer Michael Eavis, it has become one of the biggest music events in the world and sees the biggest names in music perform there every year. It is famed for the bad weather and many people end up covered in mud from head to toe over the four day period. The audience stay in tents during their stay as do many of the crew and even some performers ditch the glamour for the weekend and get to grips with the camping lifestyle. Formally called the Pilton festival it is set in Pilton in Somerset. If you want to go to the original music festival and possibly the best, in many people’s opinion this is the one to go to. Expect a hippy feel to it, lots of rock and indie bands and lots of mud. If you like cleanliness, pink and bubblegum pop, this is probably not the festival for you.


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Started up in 1996 by Pulp front man Jarvis Cocker, it was initially only planned for that one year but was so successful it became an annual event. It has had several venues over the years, eventually settling at Weston Park in Staffordshire as this could accommodate the growing crowds, stages and campsite. Although originally a rock concert, its brief has altered somewhat over the years with many music genres now accepted including much more pop than when it first started. The event is held in August and usually has reasonably decent weather reducing the amount of mud around, unlike Glastonbury. If you prefer your music a bit more mainstream with some pop thrown in amongst the heavier tunes this may be more suited to you than other concerts out there. Camping is still the accommodation on offer however, so bare that in mind before you pack your hair straighteners and mini fridge.

Isle of White festival

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First held way back in 1968 and ran till just 1970 before it was put on ice and then revived again an incredible thirty-two years later in 2002. When it was held in 1970 it hit the headlines and became the most well known festival of its time until it was overtaken by Glastonbury. It is now held in Seaclose Park and is host to performers such as The Rolling Stones, The Kings of Leon, The Police and Coldplay. This festival again caters more for the indie rockers out there and anyone who prefers pop and dance music may want to give it a miss. Camping as usual is the name of the game and 60,000 people go each year.

Roskilde European music festival

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Founded in 1971 by two students this Denmark festival has gone from strength to strength, now gaining a reputation as one of the biggest festivals in Europe. It has kept that hippy feel that many of today’s festivals have lost along the way and has much more going on in the background than just the performances. All day parties, boho art and crafts and back to nature style food are all on offer. This is more a life experience than just a festival and definitely one you should visit if you are that way inclined. It takes place every year in early July and many people make it a week long holiday rather than just the three days that it is on.

Przystanek Woodstock

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Dubbed the biggest open air festival in Europe, Woodstock is a rock event which attracts huge names to perform every year. The Polish event is free admission, which is one of its great appeals and it has many British bands on its play lists so don’t worry that it will just be foreign performances. It has been going since 1995 and so is very established with the 2011 event pulling in over 700,000 people. It is one of the larger festivals so expect lots of people to be sharing your space but this all adds to the atmosphere and the weather should be nice and hot.

This list was written by Adam B who enjoys attending music festivals and in his spare time loves collecting Fender Instruments

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