Top 10 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

After inundating you with pictures of cute animals, I promised you some serious journalism.  When have I ever lied to you?  Colorado writer Jeff Danelek wrote this piece, which is a super good read.

Conspiracy Theories

While it’s hard to imagine, there are people out there who don’t believe their own government is telling the truth, or that history is giving us the straight story, or that Santa Claus is real. In fact, they assume there are “forces” out there—dark, mysterious, dangerous forces—lurking at the periphery of our awareness that have been responsible for everything from World War One to 9/11. Of course, there really are conspiracies afoot and have been since man first walked out of the jungles to try his—and her—hand at civilization. For example, Lincoln’s assassination really was part of a conspiracy, as was the plan to convince the Nazis the allies intended to land at Calais rather than Normandy in June of 1944, but that’s not the kind we’re talking about here. Those are known conspiracies; what we’re talking about are the ones that have been carefully suppressed by various nefarious government agencies, the military, major corporations—or whomever—all in an effort to maintain control and reshape the planet according to some dark and secret agenda. While some might call this paranoia run amuck, others might consider it simply being diligent. So, in the spirit of disclosure, here is my top ten list of the most popular or widely believed conspiracy theories in history. (Of course, if I’ve left off your favorite, I doubt if it was an accident.)

10. Free Energy


Similar to the suppressed technologies conspiracy is the free energy conspiracy, which believes that either the government or private industry has long ago developed “zero energy” technologies that would give us inexhaustible supplies of cheap or even free energy but is suppressing the technologies out of fear of hurting the oil industry. In some cases, it is the oil industry that is suppressing the technology; in others, it’s the government—under pressure from big oil lobbyists and other corporate concerns—doing the suppressing. In either case, the results are the same: no free energy for us poor consumers. Of course, the fact that such technologies remain largely hypothetical and beyond our current ability to build them even if they weren’t doesn’t dissuade the true conspiracist, who has tremendous faith in our technological acumen and in our ability to keep such knowledge suppressed for decades at a time.

9. Suppressed Technologies

suppressed technology

Clearly the big oil companies, or the government, or some other nefarious private interest, would not want to see their profits drop as a result of new technologies being introduced to the public; hence the need to suppress these new technologies as soon as they appear—either legally (by purchasing the rights to the technology and then shelving it) or illegally (by destroying the technology or even killing its inventor before he can patent it). The story of some backyard mechanic coming up with a carburetor that can get 100 MPG and being bought out before he can mass produce it or some lab working on a battery capable of propelling a car 400 miles off a single charge before having its funding cut are legion and, to date, unproven. The problem lies especially with the logic; if someone did invent a carburetor capable of 100 MPG, it would generate hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue, making anyone who had the rights to it—especially an oil company—foolish not to mass produce it. The demand for oil might drop, but that would be easily offset by having the monopoly on the “wonder carburetor”, allowing big oil to play off both sides of the pump, so to speak. Fortunately, it’s easier to label any big corporation a villain and simply assume they do wicked things like that than it is to do some research…or think about it for a minute.

8. Fluoridation


While this particular conspiracy has lost considerable thrust since its inception in the 1950s, during its heyday it was all the rage as far as conspiracy buffs were concerned. It seems the government’s plan to introduce fluoride into the water supply in an effort to reduce tooth decay was thought by some to be an attempt by the Communists (or the New World Order, or the Illuminati, or somebody else) to take over the world through mind control. Some believed fluoridation made people submissive or even schizophrenic, making conquest a piece of cake. The fact that the plan was not only endorsed by every major health and dental organization in the country and proved in the long run to substantially reduce the amount of tooth decay had little impact on these doomsayers, who were sure George Orwell’s vision of the future illustrated in his ground breaking novel 1984 (released just a few years before all the fuss began) would be the inevitable end result. This same mindset, by the way, is seen in some circles today among those who suspect that irradiating poultry—a simple and inexpensive way to kill bacteria—is also an attempt to give Americans cancer as a means of reducing the surplus population.

7. Faked Moon Landings

Moon Landing

The idea that mankind had the know-how and technology to send astronauts to the surface of the moon and return them safely home forty years ago is too much for some people to accept, resulting in a plethora of theories about how the entire Apollo 11 moon landing (and the subsequent five additional landings made over the next five years) had all been cleverly faked. Pointing out such apparent discrepancies such as what appeared to be an American flag blowing in the “wind” and some questions about what direction shadows cast by the sun should appear caused many pseudo-scientifically-minded observers, (and possibly buoyed by the goofy but well-done 1977 movie Capricorn One, a movie that demonstrated how a mission to Mars was faked in a Hollywood stage) quickly decided it was all an elaborate hoax. (Unfortunately, they don’t explain how the government pulled this off no fewer than six times and how it has been so successfully suppressed all these years, but such are mere details.) Of course, all the “evidences” for the landings having been hoaxed have since been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked (the T.V. show Mythbusters doing one of the best jobs), but that doesn’t dissuade the more hard-core adherents of the idea, many of whom continue to hold to their beliefs long after the lights have been turned out. What’s  always struck me as curious about the theory is how the government can be smart enough to get thousands of people to partake in such a ruse without a single slip-up but aren’t smart enough to actually fly to the moon.

6. Jewish World Domination

elders of zion

Ever since some civil servant in Russia released a document called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (see my 10 greatest hoaxes list) in 1905, much of the world has been convinced that wealthy Jewish bankers have been involved in a plot to take over the world, largely through manipulating the currencies of the world’s great powers. Of course, anti-Semitism has been around since Moses first parted the Red Sea, but this bogus paper gave fresh ammunition to the strong anti-Semitic currents already running through Europe and served as a rallying cry for some guy named Adolf Hitler, who, like most dull-witted Nazis, believed the document without question (largely because it simply reinforced what they had already been conditioned to believe). It was even required reading for German students in the thirties and forties and was the fuel that fed the ovens at Auschwitz. Though the paper was thoroughly debunked by a British reporter in 1921, it remains popular in many Middle East countries today, where it is still believed by a majority of the population (possibly because it reinforces what they have already been conditioned to believe from childhood—just like the Nazis).

5. (Tie) Oklahoma City Bombing

oklahoma city bombing

Okay, so this really was a conspiracy (largely between a couple of right wing nut jobs who both got caught with days), but what conspiracists maintain is that McVeigh and Nichols were part of a larger government conspiracy designed to…well, I’m not sure what the goal was, other than to blow up a federal building and kill 168 people. No evidence, of course. Just a lot of conspiracy theorists chewing up the airwaves with their far-fetched ideas, all designed to make them look even kookier than they already were. Most likely this was a case in which the government proved to be so competent in catching these two clowns that no one could believe they weren’t in on it in some capacity. What they forget is that terrorists—homegrown and otherwise—often make mistakes, leave paper trails, talk too much, or are otherwise incompetent, and that sometimes the government just gets lucky. McVeigh found this out the hard way when he was executed in 2001 while Nichols will have the rest of his life behind bars to think it over.

5. (Tie) TWA Flight 800


In one of the worst air disasters in American aviation history, on July 17, 1996 a Paris-bound Boeing 747 was seen to explode in mid-air over the Atlantic just south of Long Island minutes after taking off from JFK Airport, killing all 230 on board. While the cause of the explosion was initially unknown, some witnesses maintained they spotted a missile contrail arch up from the sea and strike the airliner, blowing it in two, suggesting either a terrorist attack or an accidental missile launch had taken place. While such was immediately dismissed by the government and the military (naturally) as impossible, the conspiracy that the plane was brought down by a missile grew over the following months, urged on by such noted personalities as journalist Pierre Salinger and a phalanx of other independent investigators, all producing evidence that the plane had been brought down by a missile (or, in one case, two missiles), the resultant cover-up being an attempt not to panic the flying public. Adding to the problem was the fact that it took the NTSB a full four years to publish its findings that concluded the aircraft broke apart when fumes from a nearly empty central fuel tank was ignited by an electrical short in the wiring, blowing the front of the plane off and dooming everyone left in the out of control main section as it plummeted into the sea. (This was determined after painstakingly reconstructing the aircraft from the mountains of debris that had been recovered from the seafloor.) To this day, however, there are those who refuse to accept the report and continue to insist the plane was shot down by either a water-borne terrorist or by an accidental firing of a Navy missile.

4. Roswell and Reverse Engineering


The idea that a flying saucer crashed into the New Mexico desert in 1947 and was recovered—along with the bodies of its dead crew—by the U.S. military is one that is never going to go away. Why? Because it put Roswell, New Mexico on the map (as the nation’s UFO capital) and is one of the most lucrative conspiracies ever perpetrated, making entire careers for many a ufologist out there. But even more than the original contention that the government has an alien disk and the bodies of little green men (or, in this case, gray men) on ice somewhere pales in comparison that the belief that the government has subsequently “reverse engineered” much of the technology found in the crashed disk, successfully integrating it into our own technology and kicking off our modern techno-revolution. Never mind that each of the inventions that have been supposedly gleaned from our alien visitors (everything from the microchip to fiber optics to night vision) have documented histories of how and when they were developed, nor pay attention to the fact that the government admitted the crash “disk” was actually a top secret research balloon (Project Mogul), or that the chances of keeping all of this under wraps for over seventy years would be a gargantuan task. All that matters is that you believe. Unfortunately, those who maintain their beliefs are intractable and insistent that it is for others to disprove their theory rather than that they prove theirs. Of course, it is impossible to prove a negative, which is why Roswell and the entire reverse engineered conspiracy will probably never go away.

3. Pearl Harbor


This was probably the first real anti-government conspiracy theory, though it didn’t became big until many years after the war ended. In essence, the theory assumes that President Roosevelt, who was looking for a way to get the United States to enter World War Two in an effort to save England from Nazi domination, knew about Japan’s plan to attack the American fleet at Pearl Harbor in 1941 but suppressed the information—even from his own senior military commanders—in an effort to so outrage the American people that he could easily persuade Congress to vote for war. The problem with the theory is two-fold; first, there is no evidence allied intelligence agencies, despite the fact that they were reading top secret Japanese diplomatic traffic for weeks prior to the attack, knew the Japanese planned to attack Hawaii. Many may have suspected an attack somewhere was imminent (most imagined the Philippines) but, like 9/11, no one managed to connect all the dots. But even more important was the fact that FDR didn’t need the attack to be successful to get his declaration of war; it merely needed to happen. Even had it failed miserably—with massive Japanese losses and little damage to American forces—it would have still been enough to declare war. Additionally, it doesn’t make sense that Roosevelt would want to enter the war with his Pacific fleet in disarray—a prospect that could have been largely avoided had the alarm been sounded an hour before the first bombs fell. And, finally, proponents of the theory fail to realize that the attack didn’t bring America into a state of war with Germany as intended, but against Japan only. It was Hitler’s ill-advised decision to declare war on the United States two days later that brought us into the war in Europe.

2. 9/11


Perhaps one of the most insidious conspiracy beliefs is the one that maintains the government was behind the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 that destroyed the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon, and left over 3,000 people dead. Of course, the theory is as complex and as sophisticated as possible, with everything from pre-placed explosive charges being used to bring down the twin towers to remote controlled jetliners being flown into the buildings, all designed to give President George Bush a pretext to invade Iraq (or seize dictatorial power, or outlaw contraception or something like that.) Unfortunately, not one single element of the theory—from a controlled implosion to the invasion of Iraq (which didn’t happen until some seventeen months later)—hold water, but such is not necessary for those committed to believing even the most unlikely scenarios in the quest to make sense of their vision of reality. Even putting aside the complete lack of empirical evidence or solid science to support any single aspect of the conspiracy, the biggest question has to do with the lack of payoff as Bush didn’t assume Hitleresque powers as a result of the attack, thereby ushering in a new dark ages as some feared, thereby bringing in question the entire rationale for such a risky and evil act. The problem comes, I think, not from an evil government, but from the bewildering imagination of people who can comfortably remain living in a country they are convinced killed 3,000 of its own citizens.

1. The JFK Assassination


The belief that President John F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas in 1963 was orchestrated by everyone from the CIA to organized crime to Fidel Castro is probably the most famous and widely believed conspiracy theory of all time, with something like 70% of respondents convinced that the President’s death was part of a larger plan or even a government or mafia “hit” rather than the work of a single, crazed—if highly successful—fruitcake. Even though the assassination has been studied from every conceivable angle for nearly fifty years without a shred of evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald—a Marxist sympathizer and former Marine Corps marksman  who dreamed of making a name for himself by taking pot shots at political figures (this is the same guy, after all, who took a shot at right wing conservative General Edwin Walker in April of 1963)—had any help at all in carrying out his dastardly deed. I know, dozens of people have come forward over the years claiming to know “somebody” who “heard” that some Mafioso ordered the hit (or confessed to having done so on his deathbed) or that there were high placed elements within the government responsible for the assassination, but none of these suspects have ever panned out. Despite this, however, the belief that he had help, or that he was set up, or that he was from Mars, continues unabated to this day. (Of course, the fact that Oswald himself was the victim of another fruitcake a few days later hardly helps matters.)  The reason for this is not that there is a wealth of evidence to support to conspiracist’s case is available (it isn’t); it’s probably a result of the fact that most people are unable to accept that such a horrendous crime could really be carried out by a single nut job with a mail-order rifle who happened to be at the right place at the right time. It’s as simple as that.

Other Well Known Conspiracies: Chemtrails (the idea that the government is putting dangerous chemicals in the atmosphere for some nefarious reason); The Hollow Earth/Flat Earth Theory (doesn’t one contradict the other?); Elvis is Alive (not really); AIDS as an Invented Illness (there’s that nasty government again trying to come up with ways to depopulate the Earth by introducing a designer disease into the gay and poor communities); Freemasons/Illuminati/New World Order/Trilateral Commission/Boyscouts (there’s always someone trying to take over the world, it seems); and Scientology (the one organization that managed to scare the I.R.S.)

Jeff Danelek is a Denver, Colorado author who writes on many subjects having to do with history, politics, the paranormal, spirituality and religion. To see more of his stuff, visit his website at

19 Responses to Top 10 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately all the EPA unions, thousands of health professionals and 98% of European communities agree with the overwhelming evidence that fluoride is harmful to human health. And I would say the fact that Dupont, GM and Alcoa paid for all the research resulting in water fluoridation is a kind of conspiracy. Maybe you should check your facts on this one. See

  2. Guest says:

    f*ck you. a lot.

  3. The reason for this is that there is ample evidence to support his conspiracy case is available (is not), is probably due to the fact that most people can not accept that such a terrible crime could really be implemented by a single die on the work of mail order sales of rifles, which was in the right place at the right time.

  4. skeptic says:

    These are nothing but totally unfounded anti-conspiracy theories.

  5. patrick bateman says:

    The writer in this is such a tool. He thinks he’s so clever about the 9/11 story. Bush didn’t get Hitler status etc….answer me this…. Why dont they show footage of the pentagon crash? why did Norad not react? why have they never found black boxes but found a passport? I could go on and on. You are a loser.

    • Jack Maddison says:

      1: There is footage of the pentagon crash from CCTV but other than that why would there be any footage.
      2: NORAD didn’t react firstly because a training excersize was scheduled for 11th September (I write the date like that because I am British.), which caused confusion as to wether or not jets needed to be scrambled. Secondly, once the jets were deployed a navigation error delayed an intercept.
      3: recovering the black boxes would be pointless. A black box is mainly for an accidental crash. It records all the flight information such as speed , altitude, bearings ect. If black boxes were recovered regarding 11th September, all they would tell us is how terrorists crashed the plane, not who, why or any other usefull information.
      You should really check your own knowledge before insulting someone else.

  6. Cass Sunstein says:

    9/11: “putting aside the complete lack of empirical evidence or solid science to support any single aspect of the conspiracy”
    – I’m guessing a peer reviewed paper published by accredited scientists showing irrefutably that explosive materials were found at the WTC doesn’t cut it for you?

    JFK: “not that there is a wealth of evidence to support to conspiracist’s case is available (it isn’t)”
    – Two words: Zapruder film.

    To debunk something means you actually have to discuss the issue: not ignore the main points of the argument and rely on straw men and ad hominems.

  7. Myth Busted says:

    They proved that the moon landing was for real on Mythbusters a couple of years back.

  8. Agal says:

    I believe in the J.F.K theory that the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald was in on the plan and killed Lee so Lee couldn’t talk

  9. RonTruth says:

    The problem for those who doubt the JFK and 9/11 conspiracies’ existence is that there were many similarities between the two events that were 38 years apart. The first set of similarities was the immediacy of the government’s story within just a few hours of both events.

    In the JFK case, J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, sent out a hand-written note as a memo to the Dallas Police Department just 2 hours after Oswald was picked up at the place where his CIA handler, David Atlee Phillips was to pick him up, take him to Redbird Airport for a flight back to New Orleans. But, David Phillips was in cohouts with James Files and Charles Nicoletti who were from Chicago organized crime. E. Howard Hunt’s French killer was on the grassy knoll, with Gerry Patrick Hemming, a CIA gun for hire who helped train Cuban anti-Castro fighters before the Bay of Pigs invasion, along with Johnny Roselli and James E. Files who was just 19 when out of the Special Forces, and needed a job. He had been rescued from a potential court-martial for killing two US soldiers after being challenged by Laotian soldiers over his bravery.

    The CIA had Files right where they wanted him. He had to cooperate with them. When JFK turned against going all-out in Vietnam, Files and Nicoletti’s bosses at the Pentagon and CIA contacted David Phillips who contacted General Ed Landsdale and CIA nutjob, William King Harvey. Lansdale was in Dealey Plaza at the time of the shooting, photographed walking past “the three tramps.”

    With police photos showing a bullet hole through the front windshield, from in front, another bullet whole in the inside chrome around the front windshield, Kennedy hit twice from different positions from behind, and twice from in front, including the frontal head injury as described the afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963, by the doctors who tried to save Kennedy’s life, plus one bullet shell fo9und on the south side of Elm Street, and a bullet strike on a manwhole cover on the north side of Elm Street, and a bullet strike on the south curb of Elm street, a part of which struck James Tague who stood in the sidewalk opening of the Commerce street passthrough the triple underpass, you should by now get the picture> There is NO WAY in the hot place that it was not done in a conspiracy!

    Or, how many shootings took place, not only in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, but in that freaking limousine? Now, come on poodles, let’s us use our curly little heads for something besides grandma’s hair brush.

  10. mimiuex says:

    That’s the absolute best you can offer in the way of evidence? Believe it or not, we conspiracy theorists do our research, and in my opinion you sir, have not done yours.

  11. AsPiEdAwG says:

    “Everything is true. God’s an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Midian is where the monsters live.”


  12. RonTruth says:

    The very idea that the assassination of President Kennedy was not a conspiracy, is provably false.Folloein sre just the photographic evidence alone:
    Bullet hole in front windshield, from front to back

    Bullet hole, from the back, on a horizontal trajectory, in the chrome around the front windshield.

    Bullet mark on the cover of a mahhole, photo with police officer checking it out.

    Bullet from the north grasy knoll picked up by
    Deputy Sheriff, Buddy Walthers,

    Bullet fragment strikes the south side of Elm st, slides under the grass of the south knoll for about
    two feet, and comes out of the ground near where Jean
    Lollis Hill and Mary Ann Moorman stood as Moorman took her famous Palaroid photo, which shows two figures, standing in separate locations behind the then white picket fence, each man holding a rifle.

    Kennedy with a wound on his back, five and a half
    inches below his collar bone, which only went in about
    two inches, and stopped, not going all the way through Kennedy’s body.

    One bullet, fired from a low trajectory; to low for it to have come from a high window of the Texas School Book Depository, hitting Kennedy in the head, starting to shove it forward, but another bullet fired a small fraction of a second from the fence, the right front of Kennedy’s head, pushes Kennedy’s head violently backward and to his left.

    Another bullet fired from a high trajectory from the book depository, but from a right to left trajectory
    into Gov. Connolly’s back, under the right armpit, moving through a large rib in front of Connolly’s chest, and burying itself into Connolly’s left thigh.

    Another bullet fired into Kennedy’s throat from the front, from the area of the shrubs that surrounded the large monument near the large, curved Pergola. The doctors all said it was originally a small wound of entrance from in front. Not from the rear.

    Why did the Warren Commission try to say Kennedy only had two wounds. when the photos themselves show at least three wounds in Kennedy?

    If you look at one of the more cleaned up versions of Abraham Zapruder’s film of the assassination, you will see, at the corner of the outside chrome around the front windshield on the passenger side, two quick flashes from guns being fired from the fence on the knoll. You will notice that Kennedy body, and Connolly’s body, lurch at exactly the same split second that you see the flashes reflected in the chrome around the outside chrome surrounding the front
    windshield on Secret Servide Agent, Roy Kellerman’s side. That could never have been just reflections
    from sunlight just as Kennedy and Connolly were being hit.

    Finally, Gerald R. Ford, in 1995 when the Assassinations Records Review Board found more than
    40,000 handwritten pages of Ford’s Warren Commosssion
    notes in which Ford ordered the medical illustrator to
    move upward by “several inches the would on President Kennedy’ back to “clarify things.” When the Board found Ford in Vale, Colorado, they read him his own notes to the Commission. Ford had no choice but to admit makeing the change. What Ford’s change did was
    convict Oswald in the public’s mind. Ford covered up the actual evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald had been SET UP to take the blame for what the CIA and their allies in organzed crime did, facilitated by Johnson’ orders to the Secret Service to stand down rathet than beef up their security work.

    Go to site, YouTube Secret Service Stand Down, and see it happen at Love Field, Dallas, Texas, for yourselves.
    Watch the frustrated response of SS Agent, Henry Rifka as he responds to the stand down order by Emory Roberts, his supervisor in the SS follow up car.

    The fact of conspiracy cannot any longer be denied by rational human minds. Scientifially IMPOSSIBLE NOW.

    • The Painful Truth says:

      Names and details can not always be “nailed down” — but in the case of Japanese attacj, 9/11 attack and Kennedy assination — ther esi no way these thing could have happenend with out some knowledge. After all , even President Lincold was aware that there were peole who wanted to kill him — it was not a total surprise. Parel Habor was not a total surprise and the the CIA and othet governmnet agencies were picking up “buss” about an attack (like a 9/11) for a good while before it happened. The BUsh adminstration chosie not to belive it and re-direct attention and once it did happend — misdirect the American people about who did it and why — for their own agenda. That is a fact.

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  14. nedic nikola says:

    i have experimental traying to make not free bat cheap energy from i cant explain vhat resource is this i think that is coming from litle vormhole thet i create i dont wont explain hau i am exacly make it bat baisic it’s that ai have secesefoil rotate auar space to spead of light or meyby not so mutch .i mast explain that is a prototype end i have not enything with i can make this mesures bat results is for nau very inpresive my research do not match with any theory of fisic known today end i cant control enythyng of this proces meyby thet control itself or iam wrong thinking bat this styped vormhole is selfdistructed abaut lest of one secend or lees i also think dhat energy is very dangeros bicos oll cameras in aur bilding end oll tv and mobile phone after this experiment not working end no bady can fix it exept cable tv instalation i am ysing too batery from one coma fife wolt end im think bicause is this hepend end after this batery normaly working thhat is very bead aidea to experiment with this.if anyvan have this experience please send

  15. The Painful Truth says:

    Most of the so-called conspiracies the writer discusses here can indeed be explained away — however, in some case — especially the 9/11 and JFK assination — he is too quite — and too glib in his dismissional of ‘facts” or evidenct put out tere — I would agree that some “theiroes” are more farfetched than others — but in the case of 9/11 and JFl’s kijjunbg it might not be so much the pre-planning as the “cover up” or the spin on it for the work to the advantage if the “powers that be” – For example — while I don’t know if Bush was behind the Twin towers falling — his adminstration was less than proactive in stopping it (having planty of evidence before hand that there was something going to happen — like FDR and the Japaniese attack On Parell Habor) to use the attack to advance their own agenda — US to get in to WII in support of ally — great Britian -( After all — despite the writer’s satement –FDR was well aware that Germany would support Japan’s plan being therre wewre inthe axis together).- GW Bush and his buddies wanting to invade Iraq and finish the unfinidhed businees of his father — and spent years of misinformation to justify that mission — Regarding JFK — while the exact details or “murky” — there clearly eas moe to it than onre “fruit cake” and than another niut — too many unanswerd question and “dumb luck” allwign both Oswarld and Ruby both to do wha they did withour some outside help. Not all “theories” are nuts. —

  16. Matt Price says:

    Save England from the Nazis? You really have a warped opinion on ww2. Im not suprised as from reading lots of online content, it seems that americans have been fed a false history. The average Americans were guilty of cowardice if anything prior to entering ww2 and had no interest in entering the war and it wasnt for some saviour mission that they did. Yes, Roosevelt may have wanted to stop the nazis but the majority of america didnt care. The USA more than likely only enterrd as it saw a rival for superpower status. When it comes to ‘saving’ England, I think you mean the UK. Another yank stating facts yet getting basic geography wrong. Anyway,America did not save the UK, the complete opposite is true actually. As stated above, the USA had no interest in entering the war and during the battle of britain, the UK single handedly became the first nation to defeat the germans to the extent that the invasion of britain was cancelled as they couldnt beat the british in the air or sea. Where the USA ‘saved’ the UK here is anyones guess. The UK thwarted the germans single handed and gave all allied nations a base to launch the D Day landings. People like you irriate me so much as you have no idea what happened during ww2 or in general, yet state ludicrous ‘facts’ based on propaganda youve been fed.