Vintage Advertisements for New Technology

Vintage Advertisements are usually humorous to us nowadays, what with the racism, sexism and other isms you can find in the ads from yesteryear. But the ads also have something comforting, maybe they deliver a feeling that in our past things used to better and can be again, a certain nostalgia hits us – maybe even for those who weren’t alive at that time. Who knows for sure, but we like to look at vintage ads and now we get to do so with some familiar new products and online services.

Facebook Advertisement

Vintage Skype Advertisement

Old School Twitter Advertisement

YouTube Advertisement as Vintage Ad

Guitar Hero Ad Re-imagined as 70s Ad

Playstation Advertisement as a 1950s Ad

Thanks to and the other artists. If you know the source, please contact us and we will attribute it to these creative vintage advertisements for products of today!

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