1. said:

    I just wanted to say i just seen the documentary for the first time and i wanted to personally try to contact jesco white and email him and say IT WOULD BE AN HONOR TO MEET AND and let me two youngest children meet him! Purely because the simplicity of how song and dance can still bring happiness to people is what people need to learn again! I think he brings it! I loved the documentary!

    October 23, 2011
  2. Sue Bob said:

    You would let your kids meet a violent sociopath simpleton who takes drugs and has went to jail for violent crimes? They should make a documentary about you and your future white trash sociopaths also. The documentary was great, in the same way visiting the zoo is great. You don’t want your kids to swim with the polar bears though. The whole family should be spayed.

    August 9, 2012

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